feast Your Eyes on the Hidden Talents of San Francisco

San Francisco Produces Some Amazing Home Grown Talent

Taking a break from the talk on music venues, we want to shine a light on some amazing upcoming talent that you can find in San Francisco. Funny enough we actually found these artists from an array of sources, one of which the Mean Girls soundtrack on Spotify which features around 4 different San Fran based artists due to her 80’s vibe. Obviously, this must be fan-made as they won’t on the actual show but still cool!

One thing for sure is that San Franciso welcomes absolutely all kinds of expression which can be found in so many art forms. From the local barrister creating artistic expressions in his coffee drawings to the local singer who gigs every Tuesday. The city is vibrant and it really comes to no surprise that it is producing so much homegrown talent whether is music, dance or physical expressions of art.

So without further due, here is a quick list of some artists (the music kind) around San Francisco which you should absolutely check out.


Ever heard the phrase intellitronica? Neither have we. Yet this abstract electronic mastermind has got it down to a tee. Recently finished touring with Porter Robinson and running hot from a fresh released under Fool’s Gold record, this young up and comer is just starting to scrape the surface of his career.


Brogan Bently

Best way to sum up this act is a mixture of trippy R&B grooves combined with hish raspy vocals. It gives you the chills yet leaves you completely relaxed. We love it.

This young San Fran hero is a must to check out.


Jay Stone

He may come across as the next rapper you will hear on adult swim; however, Jay Stone may actually be the new addition to your playlist selection. His smooth, quick and fluent bars are just what the doctor ordered Check him out.


Quick and smile. San Francisco never ceases to amaze me.





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